The way we share music — between people, devices, and software programs — is fundamental to the way we make music. That’s why we’re excited to unveil three new functions in the NOISE app that unlock more potential for sharing music and collaborating on music projects. Project Sync, Remix, and Loop Export are now live. Check them out!

Whether you’re a pro musician or a beginner, these updates will make your music more connected.

Project Sync

All your projects now automatically sync, so you can access them across all your devices. They also automatically save to the cloud, so they’re always backed up.

1. Create a project in Projects View:

2. Login from any connected device & access your project:


Download projects that other creators have shared on, the music collaboration platform. Remix them and make them your own.

1. Open “Explore” in Projects View:

2. Download projects by clicking on the Download icon. They will automatically be added to your Projects Library:

Loop Export

Start projects in NOISE, then export them to your favorite desktop music software and take them to the next level. Make NOISE and BLOCKS a sketchpad for all your musical ideas. Now in initial release, Loop Export is available through an integration with iTunes.

Read this article to learn how to export loops in WAV format.

These important updates make NOISE an even more collaborative platform for making music. Keep publishing your projects — and remixes! — on, and share your musical ideas with the growing NOISE community.