JUCE is the secret sauce in all kinds of high-performance audio and music applications like our very own Equator and NOISE — plus other apps from Korg, Akai, and the creators of Max MSP. It’s a collection of C++ coding tools and libraries that help developers build audio apps that work — and easily convert — across all platforms like Mac OS, iOS, Windows, and Android.

Now for the first time, you or your best coder friend can try out JUCE for free!

The most powerful version yet of this leading audio development framework, JUCE 5 launches today with hundreds of new features plus a new, free licensing tier. If you’re a student, an educator, or a developer who is generating less than $50,000 a year from app development, you can download JUCE 5 for free and access all of its tools across all platforms.

Learn more here about JUCE 5: Huckleberry JUCE here, and try building an audio app with the best tools. If you’re a pro developer, check out some of the highlights of the hundreds of new features in JUCE 5, including new features for Android app development.