The golden age of hip hop may be over — debatable! — but the sounds of an era are just waiting to be recreated in our newest soundpack for NOISE and BLOCKS. With its selection of punchy drum kits, dope strings, and cone-shaking sub-basses, Golden Age Hip Hop takes you back to a 1990s heyday when Dr. Dre and Wu-Tang Clan cruised the airwaves. Check out sounds like Dark Hip Hop Bass and Walking Bells, and put a fresh spin on where it all began.

Speaking of the 1990s: step into the center of the IDM scene with Warped Electronics, a soundpack for the connoisseur of 90s electronica. Full of dusty pads, tape-saturated analogue leads, and drums that crackle like they’re on vinyl, the 16 sounds in the pack will add an edge of electronica to any project.

Listen to demos of our two new soundpacks right here:

Warped Electronics and Golden Age Hip Hop are the newest in our ever-expanding collection of soundpacks available on NOISE and BLOCKS. We’ve released signature soundpacks from world-famous artists like Steve Aoki, RZA of Wu-Tang Clan, and WondaGurl, and more artist soundpacks are coming soon. From Video Games to Hybrid Acoustic to Synthetic Pop Dream, there are so many other soundpacks to choose from in the NOISE app — and play either in NOISE or on BLOCKS.

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