Compared to all other musical instruments and devices of 2017, BLOCKS is the “Best Innovative Product” of the year! That’s the consensus view of over 100 music publications who awarded the top prize to BLOCKS at the Musikmesse International Press Awards (MIPA).

We’re delighted to receive this recognition for a radically new music creation system that is as approachable as it is flexible — a system that invites more people to make music for the first time and also invites music-makers of all backgrounds to configure a setup that works for them.

“Best Innovative Product” is the most recent award for BLOCKS since it launched in November 2016. It also won “Best in Show” at NAMM 2017 and “Innovation Consumer Product of the Year” at the IoT Breakthrough Awards at CES 2017.  

BLOCKS is grabbing attention not only at awards shows but also in the home studios, classrooms, and retailers where people are encountering it for the first time. Learn more about BLOCKS here and try it out for yourself by ordering a set from our online store.